Are you a Servant Leader? Should you be?

There are many forms, types and methods of leadership. Leaders can show up and impact the people they lead in many different ways.

We talk a lot about how to show up as a leader. We offer lists, and tips and article. But we don’t often share what it feels like to be led by a good or not so good leader. And for this blog I want to tell my story about being led.

I had spent almost a decade in Fortune 500 corporate roles, working my way up through positions that afforded me greater experience, engagement and financial … Read more

How do you tell YOUR story? Using transferable skills

Once you’ve identified who you are and what you want in a career, it’s time to understand the best way to articulate your value in a way a person hiring, promoting or managing you needs to hear it to ensure your continuous success and growth.

Not only are employers looking for your skills, strengths, and experiences but also to understand how you go about achieving your goals (behaviors). You may be surprised by the behavioral skills you have acquired! And, you may be unintentionally limiting your next steps because you don’t know how to go about describing the way you Read more

Career Mapping: To Map or not to Map, that is the Question!

We have certainly met some amazing and talented people that never had a first or second thought about the concept of career mapping or developing a career path. BUT, they are few and far between and they usually have some characteristics in common:

  • They are lifelong learners, who thrive by gathering a variety of experiences and have an insatiable curiosity for the world around them that overrides trajectory goals. Those are the people for whom the journey is the only goal, and the arrival doesn’t matter a bit
  • There are incredibly lucky and strategic individuals who find an advocate or
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No Time Like the Present for a Performance Review

If you are like me you can’t believe it’s almost the end of July and half the year is over!  What!? What!?

While we traditionally think of career development and business planning at the end of the year, now is the perfect time to see where you are and make any needed adjustments.  It can be tough to think about performance reviews in July, but waiting until the end of the year can have some unexpected consequences and looking now has some added benefits:

By waiting until the end of the year you could:

  • Receive expected feedback (positive or things
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Why Marketing YOUR Personal Brand Matters!

If we look at a simple definition of marketing, it can be defined as: the process of communicating the value of a product or service, for the purpose of providing that product or service to the customer. When you are sharing your skills, strengths and experience with a potential employer it’s really no different.

In this fast-paced, ever-changing, and competitive world we live in, in order to stand out from the crowd in resumes, online posts, first interviews, and informational interactions, you need to grow your brand. Personal branding consists of many facets including how you look, act, and communicate. … Read more