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“When you reach the top of the elevator, be sure to send it back down!”

This is some of our favorite career and corporate business advice.

As you move through any company and forward in your career, how do you stay connected to the new generations coming after you? How do you relate to them? How do you keep them interested, engaged, reliable and turn them into the future leaders of your company?

Whether it’s your first job or your first company-wide leadership role, professional development and leadership training is essential to not only unlocking your potential, but unlocking the company’s too.

This is why we do what we do.

We’ve seen the corporate world from every angle – from being the new employee, to being promoted to manager, to acting as the experienced company leader. We’ve also been consultants and mentors, helping others develop early careers – guiding them as they become new employees and the cycle starts all over again. We each climbed the ladder at GlaxoSmithKline and honed our skill sets – winning marketing strategy awards, developing teams, and shaping leaders. But at the end of the day, we knew we could have greater impact by working together and setting our sights on the greater, larger good.

So in 2012, we founded Potential Essential – pairing Dawn’s marketing strategy, development experience, and leadership expertise with Jenny’s customer insights, market research skills, and nuanced ability to listen intently and create simple solutions from complex problems. We became corporate trainers and consultants to play a more direct role in helping employees build purposeful careers to power business performance.

Along the way from corporate to consulting, we learned to navigate the growing divide between demographics in the workplace – mending the strong disconnect between the newest generations and the established ones. And as women who experienced corporate culture challenges, we’ve developed strategies to help companies empower their female employees so they don’t hold them or their own business potential back in the process.

Because we’ve lived it ourselves, we’re grateful for what the elevator and the people in them have taught us. We want to share that knowledge, wisdom, and experience up, down and across your organization, and transform your company’s performance in the process. Let us inspire and train your employees and your teams to reach full potential, your company will reach it too.

We’d love to partner with you to achieve exceptional performance!

Dawn & Jenny


Dawn Ohaver Moyer achieves when others succeed. For Dawn, it’s about working one-on-one to connect companies with their employees, employees with the careers they want and women with the opportunities they deserve. A former corporate executive, Dawn is an experienced consultant, corporate trainer, leadership expert, and award-winning marketing strategist – having launched several highly successful multi-million dollar products where she inspired, lead and empowered individuals to realize exceptional performance.

Brief Overview:

• Over twenty-five years – GlaxoSmithKline and other corporate experience, including several executive level roles
• Winner of eight Marketing Strategy Awards including two North America Effie Awards, a global symbol of advertising achievement
• Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer
• International Author, “Keys To Marketing You To Get The Job”


A dynamic marketing expert and researcher, Jenny Casagrande has15+ years in the world of marketing insights and customer experience, Jenny’s learned how to build stories and use those stories to transform your workforce across every level.
She is passionate about fixing things and listening to companies and individuals, using what she learns to lead others to think differently and increases in performance. She’s an accomplished, award-winning strategist that’s dedicated to advocating for others’ truth and creating data-guided solutions.

Brief Overview:

• Winner of two Marketing Strategy Awards
• Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer
• International Author, “Keys To Marketing You To Get The Job”
• Alumnae of both Bryn Mawr College and Temple University